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Creative Mindfulness Courses

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Let's Create Art Club is now offering bespoke mindfulness courses to small groups as an in-school intervention and to the local community.


Our mission is to create resilient, empowered, self aware children teaching them tools whilst they are young that will help them navigate their journey through both childhood and adulthood. 


What are the benefits?​

  • Inspiring imagination and self-expression

  • Promotes positive social and emotional wellbeing

  • Combats anxiety and improves self-esteem

  • Build resilience

  • Encourages nurturing relationships

  • Fosters compassion

  • Develops self awareness and reflection skills

  • Provides a sense of belonging

  • Improves physical and mental health


We will do this through the use of creativity, meditation & breathe work.



At Let's Create we lead by example. Along with being a certified and accredited Creative Mindfulness Practitioner, Rachel knows first hand how mindfulness benefits us as she has practiced meditation and yoga over the course of 20 years, affirmations 10 years and daily gratitude for 4 years along with a number of other self development tools and stayed on a number of spiritual retreats across the UK.

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  • Among children and young people aged 6 to 16 in England, one in six had a probable mental health condition in 2021.



  • CYPMHS caseload has increased and additional pressure is being added to in-school pastoral teams with longer waiting times to assessments for both CYPMHS and TaHMS.



  • Creative mindfulness sessions can help bridge the gap between waiting times for SEMH support as they help children understand their feelings and cope with their emotions such as the ability to stay calm when angered or to reassure oneself when in doubt and build emotional resilience.

Cultivating creativity and helping children to develop the tools and resilience to be emotionally, socially and mentally healthy.

How To Book

For in-school mindfulness courses please reach out to Rachel via email at:

Rachel will arrange a visit with you to design a bespoke course to meet your school's needs.

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