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Abbey Meads School Term6 x7wks

  • Bank transfer £35
  • Abbey Meads Primary School


Term 6 (x7 sessions) 11/6 - 23/7, 3-4pm @ Abbey Meads Primary School. Give your child the time and space to express, explore and experiment by joining us every week after school! Each term the children will get the opportunity to work with a different medium from drawing and painting to printing and sculpting. They are free to use their own imaginations and create whatever inspires them with the added support of weekly 'Inspiration Ideas' for those who may need some help! At Let's Create we are all about supporting the child's OWN imagination - there is NO PRESSURE put on them about what to create OR what it should look like - pure freedom to follow their own imaginations, make mistakes and try something new! Once booked on please transfer the terms fees to the following account referencing your child's name and school name; Let's Create Art Club Ltd ACC; 43471659 S/C; 04-03-33 Payments are to be paid in full at the start of each term/joining. Refunds or roll over of fees will only be given if the school or Let's Create have to cancel a session.

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