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A3 pet portrait, x2 subjects. Each subject takes approximately 8-10 hours.

Hand- drawn/painted using pencil and watercolour pencil.  This is A3 in size to fit a 20" x 16" mount. Send me a few photos of your pet/chosen animals and I will draw/paint your favourite. If you're not sure, let me select for you or we can discuss together the best option.

Custom A3 animal portrait, x2 subjects.

  • Avoid areas of humidity ( bathrooms, kitchens) and places that will experience extremes of hot and cold such as just above radiators. Watercolours will fade if hung in direct sunlight too. Modern pigments are much more resiliant nowadays but careful hanging is still vital to their longevity.

  • Due to the nature of this service- how many hours they take to create, I do not offer returns or exchanges. Please ensure you make good use of the custom text box re want it is you would like or anything to mention regarding the chosen image/s. We will have a high level of communication before I get started to ensure all details are covered off.

    I do include shadows etc in my portraits so this is something to consider when choosing your photo to replicate.

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